AP Ir. Dr. Nurul Hazlina Noordin


the world evolves towards digital but life remains analog



Senior Member (Institute of Electrical & Electronics Engineers) - 2019

Anugerah Ahli Akademik Harapan Universiti (AAU UMP) - 2018

Anugerah Khidmat Industri & Komuniti (AKIM UMP) - 2018

Professional Engineer (Board of Engineers Malaysia) - 2018

Corporate Member (Institute of Engineers Malaysia) - 2015

Graduate Member (Board of Engineers Malaysia) - 2006

UQD 2011 Robocon

BEE 3233 Electronic System Design

BEE 4433 Antenna & Propagation

Taught Subjects


  • Digital Systems / Electronic System Designs

    Course Outcomes:-

    - Describe the principles of designing finite state machines (FSM)

    - Implement logic circuit using HDL

    - Design a digital system using combinational & sequential (medium scale Integrated logic) MSI component.

    - Design finite state machines based on electrical & electronics engineering problem

  • Antenna and Propagation

    Course Outcomes:-

    - Characterize the fundamentals of antenna

    - Analyze the parameters of antenna such as radiation pattern, impedance, directivity, gain, polarization

    - Design and evaluate various antennas to meet application requirements

    - Analyze the atmospheric and surrounding effects on radio wave propagation

  • Principles of Communication System

    Course Outcomes:-

    - Describe the basic principle of communication system

    - Analyse and differentiate various type of modulation and demodulation techniques

    - Apply the concepts to practical applications in Telecommunication

  • Multimedia Technology and Applications

    Course Outcomes:-

    - Demonstrate the knowledge of principles in multimedia (text, images, audio, video and animation), compression techniques and multimedia technologies

    - Practice various type of software application in multimedia system.

    - Develop a multimedia system

  • Digital Systems / Electronic System Designs

    Course Outcomes:-

    - Describe the principles of designing finite state machines (FSM)

    - Implement logic circuit using HDL

    - Design a digital system using combinational & sequential (medium scale Integrated logic) MSI component.

    - Design finite state machines based on electrical & electronics engineering problem

  • Analog Electronics

    Course Outcomes:-

    - Describe the characteristic and operation of semiconductor diodes and BJT transistor properties in AC and DC condition

    - Analyse the operating condition of various BJT configuration in AC and DC condition

    - Determine the frequency response of various BJT configuration

  • Signals and Systems

    Course Outcomes:-

    - Identify various types of signals and systems.

    - Apply Fourier and Laplace transform in solving electrical circuit problems.

    - Analyse filters characteristic and obtain its transfer function.

    - Apply two-port parameters in solving electrical circuit problems

  • Basic Programmable Logic Controller

    Course Outcomes:-

    - Explain the principle, operation and function of PLC.

    - Identify PLC hardware and software configuration.

    - Construct control operation system for specific task using PLC.

    - Trace the problems in PLC programming implementation

  • Digital Electronics

    Course Outcomes:-

    - Apply various techniques for digital logic simplification

    - Apply basic gates, flip flops and MSI in digital circuit

    - Analyse simple logic system

    - Work in a team and communicate effectively


  • Robocon

    Course Outcomes:-

    - Apply STEM Concepts in developing robotics / IoT / embedded systems projects

    - Apply coaching techniques in STEM outreach programs with school children

    - Work in a team and communicate effectively


Grants & Supervision












Post Graduate



    Grants Awarded


  • Hardware Implementation of Simulated Kalman Filter Optimisation Algorithm (RDU1703222 - Leader)


  • Development of Drift Conversion Algorithm for IsFET Based pH Sensor for Continuous Measurement System (RDU1703231 - Member)


  • A solution to premature convergence in simulated Kalman filter algorithm by adaptive synchronous-asynchronous switching (RDU170106 - Member)


  • Characteristic of Electrical Signal of Transient Luminous Events (TLES) in Pekan Pahang (RDU170375 - Member)


  • Opposition-based Learning Simulated Kalman Filter for Numerical Optimization Problems (RDU160105 - Member)


  • Statistical Model to Predict Drivers Vigilance State Using EEG and EMG Signals (RDU160391 - Member)


  • Trajectory Tracking Control Of Two Wheels Mobile Robot (RDU0903115 - Member)


  • Bioprocess Control For Food Analysis (RDU070331 - Member)






  • Inter-vehicle Communication System

Inter-vehicle Communication System for Collision Avoidance in Road Junctions

Althea Chen - PSM 2017


  • Embedded Systems on FPGA


FPGA Implementation of Can-SAT for  Air Quality Monitoring

Mohd Amir - PSM 2021


FPGA Implementation of Single  Agent Simulated Kalman Filter Optimisation Algorithm

Phuah Soon Eu- PSM 2021


FPGA implementation of Simulated Kalman Filter Optimisation Algorithm

Michel Hoh Xin Jie - PSM 2016


  • Wireless Navigation Systems


Navigation and Tracking System for Visually Impaired  Person

William Peh - PSM 2018


3-Dimensional Indoor Navigation System

Wee Khang - PSM 2018


Indoor Child Monitoring Based on Arduino Development Board

Normazatul Shakira - PSM 2014


Child Monitoring System Based on Intel-Galileo Board

Lim Sook Fun - PSM 2014


  • Localization Systems

Localization System for Visually Impaired  Person

Mohd Farid - PSM 2021


Forest Fire Detection System Using Integrated Mobile Communication Standards

Tan Wei Suen - PSM 2016


Wireless Localization System for Forest Fire Detection System

Heh Whit Ney - PSM 2015


Indoor localization system that identifies people and their location based on the telephone

hotspot WIFI ID

Christopher Seng - PSM 2015


  • Internet of Things


 Wireless Inventory Systems

Lee Shea Qi - PSM 2015


Indoor Navigation and Inventory Systems

Wng Pu Xuan - PSM 2015


     Grants Awarded


  • Novel Composite Antenna Design For Wireless Communication Systems (FRGS 2018 - Leader)


  • The Design of a Reconfigurable Antenna For Application in Software Defined Radio (RDU1403108 - Leader)


  • Reconfigurable Antenna Design for Wireless Communication Systems (RDU140356 - Leader)


  • Micro strip antenna design on composite substrate for wireless communication systems (RDU1703154 - Member)


  • Interference Reduction in Cellular Communication System Using Enhanced-Minimum Variance Distortionless Response (MVDR) Adaptive Beamforming of Smart Array Antenna (RDU160351 - Member)





  • Miniaturized Antenna Design

Novel Composite Material for Miniaturized Antenna Design

Nurulfadzilah Hasan - PhD Ongoing

  • Beamforming Algorithm for Adaptive Array Antenna


Adaptive Beamforming Using Biologically Inspired Algorithm

Kelvin Lazarus -  MSc 2017


  • Conformal Array Design

Wide  Coverage Wide Band Array Antenna Design for Wireless Communication System

Mohd Syazwan  -  PSM  2020


Array Antenna Design for Radio Direction Finder

Douglas Timothy Lim - PSM 2017


                                                   Adaptive Beamforming Algorithm for High Resolution Hemispherical Scanning Coverage in RSSI-based Indoor Localization Reference Unit

Muhamad Sahal Azani Sudin - PSM 2016


  • Reconfigurable Antenna Design

RF switching Circuit for a 2.4G Hz Frequency Reconfigurable Antenna

Lee Boon Hwa - PSM 2016


Low Profile Frequency Reconfigurable Microstrip Antenna for Wireless Communication Application

Loke Sern Huang - PSM 2016


Polarization Reconfigurable Antenna Design for Wireless Communication Systems

UMP RDU  - April 2014


Microstrip antenna design with frequency reconfiguration for wireless communication application

Azwani Zakaria - PSM 2014


The design an RF switching using PIN diode for a 2.4GHz frequency reconfigurable antenna

Nor Iylia Ismail - PSM 2014




  • Wideband Antenna Design

Reconfigurable Trapezoidal Ultra Wideband Antenna Design for Wireless  Communication System

  Nor Zirwatul Ainee - MSc 2016


  • Microstrip Antenna Design

Microstrip antenna design for anti-collision applications in the inter-vehicle communication system

Nor Nadia Adnan - PSM 2014


   Grants Awarded


  • Smart Farming - Fertigation - MOF (Social Innovation Grant - Leader)


  • Basmi Miskin Tegar - Pemetaan & Pemantauan - EPU ( BMT Grant - Leader)


  • IOT Based Smart Farming System 2021 - 2025 - TERAJU (DPUB Grant - Leader)





EPU - Basmi Miskin Tegar

MOF - Social Innovation


     Grants Awarded


  • STEM Accelerator Lab - Physical Computing Skill Set for P-TECH - IBM (UIC222406 Industrial Grant - Leader)


  • Digital Ninja 2022 Accelerator Lab - MDEC (UIC221015 Industrial Grant - Leader)


  • Digital Competencies for Information Literacy - UNESCO (UIC211509 International Grant - Leader)


  • MySTEM Project: Stay Curious Digital Making Skill Sets & Data Science (UIC211505 International Grant - Leader)


  • Digital Ninja Accelerator Lab Curriculum Development (UIC200818 Industrial Grant - Leader)


  • MySTEM: Curiosity Inspires Discoveries - Electronic Systems and OpenSource Platform (Raspberry Pi & Arduino) (UIC191510 International Grant - Leader)


  • Project Ninja @ UMP STEM Lab - Robotics and Apps Development (UIC200401 Industrial Grant - Leader)


  • MySTEM Project: See Think Explore Marvel - Open Source Robotics & Electronic Systems Design (UIC191510 International Grant - Leader)


  • Project Nature @ UMP STEM Lab - Biomimicry in Engineering Design (UIC190833 Industrial Grant - Leader)


  • MySTEM Project: A Program to promote STEM Education the Pahang State School Children (UIC191501 International Grant - Leader)


  • To facilitate activities in Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (STEM) Laboratory in Pekan (UIC171510 International Grant - Leader)


  • Electronic System Design for School Children (UIC170808 Industrial Grant - Leader)


  • Development of Concept Inventory for Electrical & Electronics Engineering Undergraduate Courses (RDU 1403122 - Leader)





  • 2021 Pahang National Hackathon (National)


  • 2020 ASK/SK UMP-MDeC Center for Professional Development Training (Pahang)


  • 2019 UMP- KPM IR 4.0 Skill Sets Training for Teachers in Pahang


  • 2019 ASK/SK UMP-MDeC Center for Professional Development Training (Pahang)


  • Project Based Learning Instructions for Electronic System Design for Secondary School Children: Pahang Hackathon 2017 (Mygift UMP - Leader)


  • Pahang Innovation Challenge 2017 (FKEE UMP - Leader)


  • 2016 Innovate Malaysia Design Conference (UMP - Conference Chair)


  • Pahang Innovation Challenge 2016 (FKEE UMP - Leader)








  • PhD

Nurulfadzilah Hassan

A Novel Biodegradable Composite Antenna Design for Wireless Communication System

Main Supervisor - Ongoing


Suhail  Najm  Shahab

An Enhanced Minimum Variance Distortionless Response Bemaformer

Techniques to reduce Interference in Array Antenna System

Co-Supervision - Completed 2016



  • MSc / MEng



Chan Hwee Geem

Investigation on the Occurance of Positive Cloud to Ground (+GD) Lightning  in UMP Pekan

Co Supervisor - Completed 2019


Kelvin Lazarus

Simulated Kalman Filter Algorithms for Adaptive  Beamforming

Main Supervisor - Completed 2017


Noor Zirwatul Ainee Binti Naharudin

Reconfigurable Trapezoidal Ultra Wideband Antenna Design for Wireless  Communication System

Main Supervisor - Completed 2016




Software Radio

Science Computer


2022 Engagements

To Be Updated Soon

SK - Web Design (CSS)

SK - Game Design (JavaScript)

Python Programming

UMP STEM Outreach

As much as we enjoy our daily routine as

engineering lecturers, we are also keen to

be part of the STEM community, especially

in the area of engineering education.



Stop! Step back and look around. There are buildings, bridges, telephone and many more. Interestingly, in every corner you'll find things that are connected to STEM. We look forward to bring engineering to the young generation - the school children.


We strongly believe that early exposure would ignite interest among the youngsters to take up STEM in their future, InSyaAllah. Email me for further information.




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