Technical Session - Parallel (Day 2)


Session IV - Astana Ballroom, MS 3 & 4 Meeting Room, & MS 7 Meeting Room


   Venue: Astana Ballroom - Electronics & Communications
10:40 12:40 Session Chair: Fahmi Samsuri/Vikneswary Jayapal
 Title  Authors
10:40 11:00 Development of Quality of Service In Wireless Sensor Network With Integrated Gateway Node Control Algorithmption In Malaysia Rohini Ravi and Dr. R.K.Gnanamurthy
11:00 11:20 Abnormality Detection and Segmentation of Cervical Cancer Cells Sukumar Ponnusamy and Dr.R.K.Gnanamurthy Ranganathan
11:40 12:00 Variation and the Characteristic of Total Electron Content over Malaysia during the Declining Phase of Solar Cycle 23 Vikneswary Jayapal and Ahmad Faizal Mohd Zain
12:00 12:20 Third Order Sallen-Key Low Pass Filter Optimization using Genetic Algorithm Norafinie Abd Rashid and Siew Chin Neoh
12:20 12:40 Patient’s Health Monitoring Using Power Line Communication Technology Sridhathan and Dr. Fahmi Samsuri


   Venue: MS 3 & 4 Meeting Room - Robotics & Automations
10:40 13:00   Session Chair: Saifudin Razali/Arwinder Singh
 Title  Authors
10:40 11:00 The Importance of Cross-Correlation and its Effect to Mobile Robot Localization Hamzah Ahmad, Nur Aqilah Othman and Saifudin Razali
11:00 11:20 Designing and building of a prototype multi-fingered robotic hand and wrist Arwinder Singh
11:20 11:40 Studying Different Methods of Making Line Follower Robot and Presenting a High Precision and Speed Pattern with Color Recognition Capability Masoud Alipour Shirazi
11:40 12:00 Tip-over Stability Enhancement for Omnidirectional Mobile Robot with ADWCs Muhammad Juhairi Aziz Safar, Keigo Watanabe, Shoichi Maeyama and Isaku Nagai
12:00 12:20 Proposal of a Machining Robot for Foamed Polystyrene Molds Fusaomi Nagata, Akimasa Otsuka, Kousuke Nakamura and Keigo Watanabe
12:20 12:40 A Brief Review of Latest Fish Robots Masaaki Ikeda, Shigeki Hikasa, Keigo Watanabe and Isaku Nagai
12:40 13:00 Intelligent System Design for Mobile Robot: A Case of Fuzzy Logic Approach for Palm Oil Industries Zulaikha Abdullah and Hamzah Ahmad


Venue: MS 7 Meeting Room - Control Applications   
10:40 13:00   Session Chair: Nur Aqilah Othman
 Title  Authors
10:40 11:00 Experimental Investigation on Active Sway Control of a Gantry Crane System using PID Controller Mohd Zaidi Mohd Tumari, Latifah Shabudin,Mohd Razali Daud and Mohd Anwar Zawawi
11:00 11:20 Analysis of Intermittent Measurement for KF-based SLAM Nur Aqilah Othman, Hamzah Ahmad and Saifudin Razali
11:20 11:40 Weighted Ratio Scheme for GA Optimization in Fourth Order Multiple Feedback High Pass Filter Zher Hui Teoh and Siew Chin Neoh
11:40 12:00 Offline Optimization of Gains for Kinodynamic Motion Planning Kimiko Motonaka, Keigo Watanabe and Shoichi Maeyama
12:00 12:20 Continuous Motion NCTF Control of a One Mass Rotary System Rozilawati Mohd Nor and Chong Shin Horng
12:20 12:40 Control of Two DoF USM Underwater Glider (USMUG) Maziyah Mat Noh,Mohd Rizal Arshad andRosmiwati Mohd-Mokhtar
12:40 13:00 Comparison between Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm, Shuffled Frog Leaping Algorithm and Nero-Fuzzy System in Design of Optimal PID Controllers Fatemeh Masoudnia, Somayyeh Nalan and Maryam Kouzehgar

Lunch & Closing- 12:40 - 14:00