Technical Session - Parallel (Day 1)


Session I - Astana Ballroom, MS 3 & 4 Meeting Room, & MS 7 Meeting Room

   Venue: Astana Ballroom - Power Electronics

11:00 13:30

  Session Chair: Mohd Shafie Bakar / Julian Sio
 Title  Authors
11:00 11:20 Development of Low Power LED Driver using LTSpice software Muhammad Ikram Mohd Rashid and Aim Izzuddin Hakimi Mohamad Bekri
11:20 11:40 Design of Power Electronic Converters for Micro Turbine Generator Application Julian Sio
11:40 12:00 Feasibility Study On Z-Source Inverter Topologies Mohd Shafie Bakar, Nasrudin A.Rahim, Kamarul Hawari Ghazali and Abdul Halim Mohd Hanafi
12:00 12:20 Photovoltaic System with INC MPPT Algorithm in MATLAB Simulink Fatimah Zaharah Hamidon, Siti Nor Shafiqin Shariffuddin, Pusparini Dewi Abd. Aziz and Noor Hidayah Mohd Yunus
12:20 12:40 Multiple Input Bidirectional Isolated Triple Half-Bridge DC-DC Converter for Electric Vehicle Tan Boon Kai and Tan Nadia Mei Lin
12:40 13:00 Design and Development of Multilevel Inverter Using Hybrid Topology for Voltage Waveform Improvement Dr. Samikannu Ravi, Ahmad Mujahid Ahmad Zaidi, Suresh Thanakodi


   Venue: MS 3 & MS 4 Meeting Room - HV Application

11:00 13:00

Session Chair: Wan Ismail Ibrahim/Zenat Ehsan
 Title  Authors
11:00 11:20 Investigation of Core Type Distribution Transformer Operation using Artificial Neural Networks Jalil Ghahramani and Seyed Siavash Karimi Madahi
11:20 11:40 Pekan Lightning Detection System (PLDS) and Data Validation with Lightning TNBR Wan Ismail Ibrahim
12:00 12:20 Investigations of Concrete Structures under Sulfate Rich Environment by Electric Resistivity Method Zenat Ahsan, Zamri Chik, Taohidul Islam and Aqilah Hamidon
12:40 13:00 Characterization of Palm Oil Ashes for Earthing Purpose Mohamad Rosyidi Ahmad and Prof Hussein Ahmad


   Venue: MS 7 Meeting Room - Computer Engineering
11:00 13:00   Session Chair: Sunil Ojha / Jaiganesh Mahalingam
 Title  Authors
11:00 11:20 Cyber crime in Indian scenario- a literature snapshot Janhavi Deshmukh and Surbhi Chaudhari
11:20 11:40 A Perspective view of hypervisor architecture, functions, issues in cloud computing. Jaiganesh Mahalingam and Vincent Antony Kumar
11:40 12:00 Optimization of SRAM Column With Respect To Power And Delay Using 50nm Technology Sunil Ojha and Pukhraj Vaya
12:00 12:20 Novel Method for Reduction of PAPR of MIMO-OFDM based on Non-Linear Companding Transform Srinivasarao Kandula and Prabhakar Rao
12:20 12:40 Extended Fully Distributed Cluster Based Routing Protocol for Mobile ADHOC Networks Rohini Ravi and Gnanmurthy R.K
12:40 13:00 Evaluation Of Traffic on Load Balanced Routing Protocols in Ad-hoc Networks Zurkarmawan Abu Bakar and Nima Bahrami

Lunch Break - 13:00 - 14:00

Session II - Astana Ballroom, MS 3 & 4 Meeting Room, & MS 7 Meeting Room

   Venue: Astana Ballroom - Power Systems
14:00 15:20   Session Chair: Mohd Herwan Sulaiman/Muhamad Hatta Hussain
 Title  Authors
14:00 14:20 Optimal Placement of Static VAR Compensator Using Artificial Immune System Mohd Herwan Sulaiman and Nurita Mohamad
14:20 14:40 Optimal Overcurrent Relay Coordination Using Particle Swarm Optimization Muhamad Hatta Hussain, Ismail Musirin, Siti Rafidah Abdul Rahim, Ahmad Farid Abidin and Azralmukmin Azmi
14:40 15:00 Optimization of CCGT Power Plant and Performance Analyisis using MATLAB/Simulink Based Simulation Jitendra Nath Rai, Rishabh Kumar Gupta, Rajesh Garai and Rahul Kapoor
15:00 15:20 Comparison of Statistical Methods on Load and Price Forecasting in the New England Power Electricity Market Ioannis Kangas, Christina Nikolopoulou and Afshin Afshari


 Venue: MS 3 & 4 Meeting Room - Energy & HV Applications
14:00 15:40   Session Chair: Mohd Rusllim Mohamed/Noor Lina Ramli
 Title  Authors
14:00 14:20 Future Energy Consumption In Malaysia Normazlina Mat Isa and Normazlina Mat Isa
16:20 16:40 Alternative Filtering Procedure for the Partial Discharge Signal in Solid Dielectric Insulation Using Indirect Approach Pusparini Dewi Abd Aziz, Fatimah Zaharah Hamidon, Norhafiza Mohamad and Noor Hidayah Mohd Yunus
14:40 15:00 Study of tides prediction for Malaysia electricity generation purposes using Matlab Simulink Noor Lina Ramli, Puteri Nurul Izreena Megat Shukri, Suliana Ab Ghani and Syahrizal Azmir Md Sharif
15:00 15:20 LED Traffic Light with Single Display Noor Lina Ramli, Muhammad Ikram Mohd Rashid, Suliana Ab Ghani and Farah Syazana Roslan
15:20 15:40 Energy Management System for Series Hybrid Electric Vehicle Ai Chia Khor and Mohd Rusllim Mohamed


 Venue: MS 7 Meeting Room - Image Processing
14:00 15:20 Session Chair: Kamarul Hawari Gazali/Razali Daud
 Title  Authors
14:00 14:20 Application of Noise Removal Technique of Squamous Epithelial Cells Detection in Sputum Slide Images Fatin Izzwani Azman, Kamarul Hawari Ghazali and Rosyati Hamid
14:20 14:40 Electrocardiogram Paper Digitization Using Image Extraction Techniques Hussain K. Khleaf, Kamarul H. Bin Gazali and Ahmad N. Abdalla
14:40 15:00 Elevator’s Door Shapes Detection by Using Image Processing Method Wan Nur Farhanah Wan Zakaria and Dr Mohd Razali Daud
15:00 15:20 Detection of Emergency Vehicle using HSV Color Space Technique for Intelligent Traffic Light System Mohammad Syawaludin Syafiq Hassan

Tea Break - 15:20 - 15:40

Session III - Astana Ballroom, MS 3 & 4 Meeting Room, & MS 7 Meeting Room


   Venue: Astana Ballroom - Computer Vision & AI Applications
15:40 17:00 Session Chair: Ismail Ibrahim/Yasmin Abdul Wahab
 Title  Authors
15:40 16:00 Noise Elimination for Image Subtraction in Printed Circuit Board Defect Detection Algorithm Ismail Ibrahim, Zuwairie Ibrahim, Hamzah Ahmad, Zulkifli Md. Yusof, Kamal Khalil, Sophan Wahyudi Nawawi, Muhammad Arif Abdul Rahim and Syed Abdul Rahman Syed Abu Bakar
16:00 16:20 Thermal Imaging Analysis of Human Detection for Night Vision System Noor Amira Syuhada Mahamad Salleh and Kamarul Hawari Ghazali
16:20 16:40 Application of Ultrasonic Tomography to Display Tomogram of Liquid/solid Flow Regime by using Linear Back ProjectionT Power Plant and Performance Analyisis using MATLAB/Simulink Based Simulation Rubiah Ahmad and Yasmin Abdul Wahab
16:40 17:00 A Multi-Agent Computational Problem Solving Paradigml Methods on Load and Price Forecasting in the New England Power Electricity Market Teh Noranis Mohd Aris and Shahrin Azuan Nazeer


   Venue: MS 3 & 4 Meeting Room - Robotics & Automations II
16:00 17:00 Session Chair: Irawan Addie/Muhammad Juhairi Aziz Safar
 Title  Authors
16:00 16:20 Mobile Robot Target Following With Intelligent Control Nurul Atikah Zainal
16:20 16:40 An Effective Mobile Robot Positioning In Scheme In Indoor Environment Noor Zahida Amera Abd Rasid
16:40 17:00 Polystyrene Foam-based Leg Tip Strider Robot Ai Chern Lim and Irawan Addie


Venue: MS 7 Meeting Room - Control Applications & Signal Processing
15:40 17:00 Session Chair: Azrul Mahfurdz/Ramin Vatankhah
 Title  Authors
15:40 16:00 Feature Extraction for swiftlet sound attraction Siti Nurzalikha Zaini Husni Zaini, Sunardi and Kamarul Hawari Ghazali
16:00 16:20 Target Strength Identification of Green Turtle and Fish Using Modified EchoSounder Azrul Mahfurdz
16:20 16:40 In Pursuing Better Academic Results In University: A Case of Fuzzy Logic Nurul Ain Mohd Asri
16:40 17:00 Vibration Suppression of Size-Dependent Modified Couple stress Timoshenko Micro-Beams Ramin Vatankhah, Ali Najafi, Hassan Salarieh and Aria Alasty